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  • SAG Award Winner: Best Cast of a Motion Picture, Sideways

  • Nominated for BEST ACTRESS (Feature) at the Unrestricted View Horror Festival for 9 Ways to Hell

  • Winner of the Official Music Video for "El Cid" by There Is No Sin

  • Bad Fun was an official selection at HAUS Film Festival


"A brilliant member from the on screen world of horror, Lacey Rae is absolutely incredible! Now, to simply call Lacey an actress would indeed be a bit of an insult, as she wears several hats in the world of horror and beyond, but it would be deplorable to not put a shine on her brilliant acting chops."

- Trainwreck'd Society  |  9 Ways to Hell 
(read full interview)

"The acting talent was incredibly strong on all fronts with special mention going out to both Lacey Rae and Tristan Wells in their reprised roles as Twinkle and Tipsy - the return  of those characters brought much joy and I hope that future HVRTING Christmas shows find a way to bring them back and continue this narrative."

-  |  Mrs. Claus' Cookies
(read full review)

"Rae [helps] keep things anchored and prevent the tone from drifting into naked insanity."

-  |  Future Court: The Bindy Lipton Massacre
(read full review)

"[Michaels] and Lacey Rae in combo provided some of the heartiest and most confused laughs of the evening."

-  |  Together Again
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"Lacey Rae gives a finely etched performance and proves to be a sharp toe-tapper in the final piece."

- Love, Sex & Violence, Too

"Lacey Rae is the patient, one of those people who seems normal but is a real powder keg."

- Love, Sex & Violence, Too

"He meets... an artist with talent, no confidence and an alcoholic mother (Lacey Rae as the expressive Isabel)."

- Tender Lies

"Lacey (last seen as Alice in Alice in Wonderland) is an excellent actress."

- Princess and the Pea

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