News Highlights!

Worked on The Onania Club by the infamous

Tom Six

Went to Alabama to film a supporting role in a docu-drama for a major cable network


Bad Fun, a short horror/thriller, premiered at the HAUS Film Festival in Los Angeles

Guest starred in two episodes of Dear Soulmate


 Spirit of Love is being submitted to festivals

Currently performing in a theatrical production, Jelly Beans, by Force of Nature Productions in North Hollywood


I have been performing on stage since I was four years old. From tap dancing to singing to films, I made my feature debut in Wallace Wolodarsky's Sorority Boys, followed by Terry Zwigoff's Bad Santa.

While going to school at UC Santa Barbara, I got the opportunity to play a supporting role in Alexander Payne's Oscar®-winning film, Sideways, winning a SAG Award for Best Cast of a Motion Picture.

I have since moved to Los Angeles, joined a production company and filmed several leading roles in shorts including Wolf Peak and the one-woman Goodbyes. A natural risk-taker, I also got to flex my muscles in the action-comedy Adventures in L.A. 

Constantly trying to keep working, I worked with Tom Six on his newest film; three of my short films have been accepted into various film festivals; my feature-length horror film, 9 Ways to Hell, has finished post-production; a new comedy short is being submitted to festivals; and many more projects are in the works.

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