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Lacey has performed on
stage and in films/TV for
over 30 years. She has worked
with directors as varied as
Oscar-winner Alexander Payne
and horror icon Tom Six

A SAG Award-winner, Lacey
can currently be seen in 
Alabama Snake on Max,
and 9 Ways to Hell on Prime.

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AFAA-certified, Lacey has
taught fitness - including
Zumba, boot camp, and kickboxing - in gyms around
Los Angeles for over ten years. 

She used to compete in
(and teach) tap dancing, performed in burlesque shows, and currently teaches at
24 Hour Fitness.

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Lacey has been a published
poet and author for over 20 years.

She has written event and theatrical reviews for several websites, as well as lists for a popular entertainment site.


Lacey has also edited several published books and freelances

as an editor.

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